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PechaKucha (Japanese for ‘chit chat’) is the concise show-and-tell presentation format loved by millions around the world! 20 slides x 20 seconds (shorter formats too) make for simple, fun, and engaging presentations! PechaKucha’s social tech platform is both a digital and physical space where creative people, and students alike, share stories and passions in meaningful ways, and all under 7 minutes!  It’s the perfect platform for us all to just #GetOnWithIt!

Where People Use PechaKucha:

PechaKucha Nights are community events where people share interesting, funny, heartwarming, and tear-jerking presentations with others. Whether it’s your skateboard collection or a building your designed, anyone with something to say can present. 

PechaKucha for Schools. 

PechaKucha is used in grades K - College as a learning tool for educators and students. The timed presentation format enlivens subject material and makes learning more engaging. Digital-native learners enjoy the simplicity and directness PechaKucha brings to their education.

PechaKucha for Business. 

Companies around the world use PechaKucha as a way and spark co-worker connectivity. Whether it be onboarding new employees, explaining a complicated company project, or to share company happenings -- PechaKucha helps businesses keep talking at a minimum and employee engagement at a maximum.

Creative. Connective. Authentic. Memorable. Fun! PechaKucha! 

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