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About us

We are Edinburgh Napier University

The School of Arts & Creative Industries at Edinburgh Napier University develops creative innovators and award-winners in diverse fields such as design, creative advertising, journalism, music and film. Our staff are active in the industry, maintaining close links with leading organisations and employers, allowing our students to go beyond innovation and shape the world around them.

Our Design courses cover a very wide range of design activity and innovation from commercial 3D objects to conceptual design interventions in spaces and communication. With an emphasis on innovation, user-focus and practical skills in visualisation, prototyping, CAD, materials, fabrication, business and marketing skills to prepare you for a career in design and beyond.


Our Purpose

We are Daydream Believers.

Designers are like puppy dogs. We are excited by the world around us and can’t wait to get involved in all of it. School doesn’t always appreciate imagination, but world leaders are starting to realise the huge value of human creativity. We are excited to be part of the Daydream Believers project because it’s a place where you can find the value of your imagination and build your creative skills.

The world needs people like you and the ideas that you can generate, our future depends on it. We hope that the Daydream Believers project will unleash your inner puppy dog and bring it straight to our doorstep here at Edinburgh Napier University.


Our Classes

Let’s have fun

Below you’ll find lessons that will engage pupils and provide them with critical and analytical skills to think creatively about any task and problem they face.

Daydream Believers