Glasgow School of Art


About us

We are GSA.

The Glasgow School of Art (GSA) is internationally recognised as one of Europe's leading university-level institutions for the visual creative disciplines. The GSA offers undergraduate, postgraduate taught and research programmes across architecture, design, fine art and digital. Our studio-based approach to research and teaching brings disciplines together to explore problems in new ways to find new innovative solutions. The studio creates the environment for inter-disciplinarity, peer learning, critical enquiry, experimentation and prototyping, helping to address many of the grand challenges confronting society and contemporary business.


Our Purpose

We are Daydream Believers.

The Communication Design department is part of this project because we believe in nurturing the creative talent of future designers. We would like to foster better links between secondary and higher education and this project enables us to do that.

The lessons that we have created provide what we believe are fundamental strategies for generating imaginative ideas and engaging visual responses to design problems; essential thinking for the complex communication issues in society today.


Our Classes

Let’s have fun

At Glasgow School of Art, we like to look at problems from unique angles. That is why our lessons have been created to let your imagination run free and wild. We think that is how great ideas are born.

Daydream Believers