About us

Who the LR we?

We are StudioLR – a diverse team of creative people, strategic people, people people, and people who keep all those people under control. We all come to work every morning with the same goal: to make people's everyday experiences better.

We do all sorts of things for our clients – from brand strategy and identity design, to making visitor attractions more attractive, to designing for a more inclusive society. But really our work is never for our clients – it’s for their audience.

What that looks like day-to-day varies massively. We recently created a brand for a castle that isn't a castle on an island that isn't an island. We’re designing a new set of inclusive symbols and have tested them with 2,000 people, including people living with dementia. We've even made a 100 tonne truck disappear in front of a live audience. We're always pushing ourselves and our ideas as far as we can, to create work that sparks something in people.


Our Purpose

Why we're Daydream Believers.

Sparking something in people – that's what we're all about. Whether it's to make people laugh, cry, question things, or do something. That's why we’re so excited to be working on a project for Daydream Believers.

The creative industry can seem quite mysterious until you're in it. There's a perception that creativity is artistic and that if you can't draw, paint or express yourself through interpretive dance, then it's not for you. But that simply isn't true. So much of the creative industry is about creative thinking, problem solving and collaboration. And challenging what’s been done before. Creativity flows when people are uninhibited, passionate about the matter in hand and able to think playfully. 

We hope that by offering a project that has a real-life focus, and is led by each individual student's passion, we can stimulate and release some really exciting thinking. And who knows, we might just spark something special along the way.


Our Classes

Let’s have fun

Our lessons provide insight into how we work as a company and the skills we use to solve our client problems.

Daydream Believers