Union Direct


About us

We are Union Direct.

We’re Union Direct and we believe in the creative power of data.

 It’s the force behind the ideas we think up, the beautiful things we design, the words we write, and the stories we tell.

 This means that we take big data and find the small human truths in it, to help our clients achieve big things and share great stories across various different medias.


Our Purpose

We are Daydream Believers.

Whether it’s bouncing about odd and wonderful ideas in a brainstorm, creating characters or inventing a world within a brand, tapping into our child-like creative selves in a big part of what we do. That’s why we really believe in helping the next generation to put their creative spirit into a career with bright possibilities. We believe in a future where tomorrow’s talent won’t just fall into the creative industries, but can set their heart on their dream career straight from school.


Our Classes

Let’s have fun

Our lessons were created to help learners see the joy in creating problem-solving, analyse how the world around them ticks and develop their skills in communicating complex ideas. We also wanted to get learners thinking about the role of advertising and the creative industries in society and show them how mass-communication can bring about social change for good.

Daydream Believers