Computers Are Stupid And Boring

Computers Are Stupid And Boring


By AmazeRealise

50 min Lesson

One of the great strengths of computers is that they never get bored. They can continue to do the same meaningless task forever. The task needs to be very, very simple. They’re rubbish at complicated tasks. Part of web development is taking very complicated problems and splitting them up into many very simple tasks. Problems so simple, even a computer could do them.

Students will explore why we have computer languages and how they can fool users into thinking computers are clever. They will sort and arrange information to create a “bigger picture.”

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Lesson Run Time: 50 min

5 min - Introduction to web development

20 min - Card sorting game

5 min - Presentation about computer languages

20 min - AI activity

60 min - Optional - Design your own sorting game in teams


Themes Covered

Team Work


Open Discussion

Problem Solving

Critical Thinking

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