Go Dough(Nuts)!

Go Dough(Nuts)!


By AmazeRealise

60 min Lesson

Krispy Kreme is opening a new doughnut store. They have invited several agencies to pitch guerrilla campaign ideas to promote the opening.

In teams of 3, come up with a killer idea and pitch it to win the business!
Students will have worked to a brief to create their own guerrilla campaign. They will have learnt how to spot a great idea and use the pitching process to present their concept.

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Lesson Run Time: 60 min

10 min - Introduction to the brief & presentation on guerrilla advertising

10 min - Crazy 8’s - Idea generation activity

5 min - Decide on the idea to develop

25 min - Develop the campaign idea and prep your pitch

10 min - Pitch your ideas

120 min - Optional - Refine your ideas within defined roles


Themes Covered

Problem Solving

Team Work

Critical Thinking

Creative Expression

Idea Generation



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