Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action!


By AmazeRealise

60 min Lesson

When you are daydreaming there are no limits to what you can imagine.

With that in mind think about how you get to school in the morning. What might a totally reimagined journey look like? Use the storyboard templates to sketch out what happens.

Students will work to a brief to create their own storyboards. They will have learnt how to script and sketch key moments of the story and pitch their ideas.

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Lesson Run Time: 60 min

10 min - Introduction to the brief & presentation on motion graphics

10 min - Storyboards & what they’re used for 

5 min - Scripting mad libs

25 min - Scripting & storyboarding

5 min - Pitch your ideas

5 min - Refine your storyboards

120 min - Optional - Further develop your idea, thinking about camera angles and lighting


Themes Covered

Creative Expression

Problem Solving

Idea Generation

Art & Design



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