The Big Briefs

The Big Briefs


By AmazeRealise

50 min Lesson

Get ready to activate your idea generators.
Pick one of the briefs, equip yourself with Double Diamond process, and use your creativity and critical thinking to create your campaign.

Before you take on these lessons, we recommend trying out the other six mini-briefs created by AmazeRealise. By doing so, you will acquire the necessary skills and understand important processes to help you complete these challenges.

The themes of the briefs are “Space Tourism”, “Plastic Pollution” & “Ya like to move it!” asking to promote space tourism for teenagers for year 2030, combating plastic pollution and achieving clean oceans by 2030 or getting people to do more physical activity.

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Lesson Run Time: 50 min

5 min - Presentation recap of skills & roles

10 min - Introduction to the briefs

10 min - Select a brief

20 min - Discover & define using the design process and crazy 8’s

5 min - Start to develop one aspect pf your campaign


Themes Covered

Problem Solving

Critical Thinking

Creative Expression

Art & Design

Idea Generation


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