Colour Me Good

Colour Me Good


By Emperor

55 min Lesson

Colour can have an amazing physiological effect on us as human beings. It can get our pulse racing, it can drag us down in to a dark, bad mood, and it can do lots in-between. Understanding the effects and connotations of colour as a visual designer are a key skill. In this lesson we get pupils to think about:

  • The moods, ideas, feelings and associations of each colour.

  • How naming and strengthen the link between the colour and the emotion / reaction it evokes.

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Lesson Run Time: 55 min

5 min - The introduction and brief

10 min - Pick your colours and what they mean to you

15 min - Choose a theme and name your set of colours

10 min - Name individual colours

15 min - Presentations (1 min each)


Themes Covered

Art & Design

Creative Expression

Idea Generation


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