What's My Logo(Type)?

What's My Logo(Type)?


By Emperor

60 min Lesson

Some of the most distinctive and strongest brand identities have a logotype at their heart - a piece of type (rather than a mark or symbol) that acts as a unique identifier. This activity will allow you to explore the characteristics of different typefaces and how they can be used to reflect different personalities. In this lesson we get pupils to think about:

  • How different typefaces have different characteristics and associations.

  • Brainstorming their own character traits and prioritising them.

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Lesson Run Time: 60 min

5 min - The introduction and brief

10 min - Defining your brand characteristics

5 min - Exploring the personality of type

30 min - Build your own logotype

10 min - Pin-up ideas


Themes Covered

Art & Design

Creative Expression

Idea Generation


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