Human Habitat Challenge

A live challenge by Daydream Believers for UN Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP26): Imagine and create a space where communities, nature and business can flourish together. Created in collaboration with LEGO® Group and Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

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Lesson 1

Imagine a Human Habitat in Glasgow for COP26 

This November, all eyes will be on Glasgow for the UN Climate Change Conference​ (COP26), and we want you to reimagine a space for human habitat on a 3000sqm of vacant land along the River Clyde in Glasgow. This site will host Glasgow's cultural and creative fringe during COP26: a free event of exhibitions, performances and talks.

We want to show the world leaders coming to the Climate Change Conference that the young people can imagine and create a better future for our civilisation. Take on the challenge, share your work, and we'll showcase it at the After The Pandemic @ COP26 fringe space.

Included materials
  • Human Habitat Action Pack
  • Human Habitat Space

After The Pandemic

After The Pandemic is an accelerator for change, incubating and enabling creative projects that impact our society, cities and the environment for the better. Our mission is to RETHINK, REIMAGINE and REDESIGN the world around us to be greener, more resilient and more vibrant. 

We are creating a space for everyone at COP26. A cultural and creative fringe where we can all take part in the climate conversation and drive positive change – together for our planet. After The Pandemic @ COP26 is a free event and open to all, with exhibitions, talks and performances to get inspired, learn and grow.

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