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Data is everywhere! The numbers are all around us. From counting how many people are in your classroom to recording what you eat for lunch every day. It’s listing your favourite books or tv shows. Anything you like! Data isn’t about maths. It’s about collecting information about the world and telling a story about it.

This lesson will introduce pupils to act of collecting data to tackle interesting real-world problems we have. 

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Lesson 1

Data is about telling a story

Pupils will learn about how to define a data problem and how to collect some data to begin exploring their problem.

Lesson 2

Use data to reduce pollution

Pupils will come up with ideas about how to present the data they collected and will create their own data visualisations to present to the class.

Lesson 3

Tell your story

Pupils will create a story that starts with their data problem, presents how they collected the data, shows the visualisations they made, and lets them talk about what their data show.

Included materials
  • Lesson 1 Presentation
  • Lesson 2 Presentation
  • Lesson 3 Presentation
  • Support Materials

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