Safe Data

Safe Data


By The Data Lab

2 Lesson Unit

In this series of lessons, we are going to consider the value and risks of data sharing online. We will look at the importance of protecting your own and others' privacy online and discuss topics to understand if you are being safe with sharing your data.

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Lesson 1

Safe Data Part 1

Introduction for pupils to consider the value and risks of data sharing online. To understand the importance of protecting their own and others’ privacy online. Students will learn about how to be aware of how data is used: Good and Bad.


Lesson Run Time: 50 min

10 min - “Who would I tell?” my information

10 min - Watch videos about use of data

5 min - Discuss the videos with the class

5 min - Discuss questions about other types of data

5 min - Watch videos about use of data

10 min - Give pupils a chance to comment on the video

5 min - Discuss how has your opinion of data changed?


Themes Covered

Critical Thinking


Data Science

Open Discussion

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Lesson 2

Safe Data Part 2

A continuation of Part 1 to further explore the importance of keeping your data safe and how to avoid situations where your information can be stolen or misused by others.


Lesson Run Time: 55 Min

5 min - Quick re-cap on Lesson 1

10 min - Optional Watch of last weeks videos

25 min - Risks & Value of On-line Data

10 min - Discussion and answers to questions

5 min - Brief look at Case Study to introduce Lesson 3


Themes Covered

Critical Thinking

Problem Solving


Data Science

Open Discussion


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