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Thoughts Become Things

During this challenge pupils will gain an understanding of what is Experiential Design and what considerations have to be taken into account to provide a positive experience for the target audience.

They will learn about how team at Acrylicize work, how to generate a lot of ideas, where to draw inspiration from, and will create their experimental installation with the help of 3D paper models.

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Lesson 1

Introduction to Experiential Design.

See examples of projects that Acrylicize have worked on as well as being offered insights into the different roles within the agency and the process they use to create a variety of solutions to different briefs.

Lesson 2

The challenge: rethink hospital

Use insights gained from the first lesson to develop an appropriate experience for their chosen building. Encourage all learners to think differently. What do they not see in a hospital? How can the experience develop empathy, make people feel things!

Lesson 3

Solidify ideas

Learners will discuss how spaces can create positive and negative feelings and how they can use their skills to make their building a positive experience for their key users. They will work with mood boards to support their ideas for their designs.

Lesson 4

Create a paper model

By using the provided templates, create a scaled paper version of the space.

Included materials
  • Presentation
  • A3 building template
  • Floor plan
  • Mock space template

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