On Your Bike!

On Your Bike!


By Whitespace

3 x 55 min Lesson

We want you to encourage people to start thinking about using bicycles as a great way to travel as well as keep healthy. You could make an advert or campaign, a film or animation, a product or digital experience, a stunt or anything else for that matter, as long as it answers the brief!

The lesson has been designed to split into 3x55 minutes sessions. It also follows The Stand Out Method from our other resources so we recommend giving that a go first.

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Lesson Run Time: 165 min

10 min - Briefing of challenge

45 min - Question

55 min - Explore

40 min - Make

15 min - Pupils present their work to class


Themes Covered

Critical Thinking

Problem Solving

Creative Expression

Idea Generation


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