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Edinburgh College of Art

Edinburgh College of Art is a leading international art college and a place of experimentation and collaboration. We host undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes spanning art, design, music, history of art, architecture and landscape architecture.

At ECA we encourage bold, lateral thinking coupled with a clear understanding of process, technique and business. Our aim is to produce innovative, emotive, enduring and of course aesthetic design from graduates who learn through intense sustained involvement with the design process.

In recent years, Graphic Design staff at ECA have noticed that the level of design-ready applicants recruited to the programme has been limited in quality (not quantity). In being part of Daydream Believers we hope to broaden the landscape of successful applications to the programme, strengthen the portfolio component and help to convince young learners, their parents/carers and teachers the value of creativity and design as a fulfilling and viable career option.

Invest in the dreamers of tomorrow

As a non-profit, our mission to transform how we educate our young people is powered by forward-thinking individuals and businesses. If you believe in fostering creativity and encouraging the exploration of bold ideas for problem-solving, we invite you to join our cause and consider donating. Your generosity will enable us to continue crafting transformative learning resources.