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Campaign for Kindness

⚠️ Part of Creative Thinking Qualification challenges.

During this challenge, pupils will gain an understanding of what is a “campaign for good” and the different tactics they can use to inspire people to care and act positively through empathy and informed thinking.

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Lesson 1

Campaigns and what they can be used for

During this lesson, pupils will gain an understanding of the different ways campaigns can make people care about something and act differently towards it. They will practice using empathy to inform their thinking and learn about what to consider when creating a campaign.

⚠️ This resource is part of the Creative Thinking Qualification Creative Bravery Playlist.

Lesson 2

Develop the use of empathy to inform creativity

Understanding others is crucial for creating a campaign. In this lesson, pupils will practice putting themselves in the shoes of others and using empathy to find issues and solutions.

Lesson 3

Write a creative brief for themselves

By completing this lesson, pupils will have learned how to narrow their focus on a subject which will help them create a more impactful campaign in the following lesson. They will also have a better understanding of the varieties of campaigns.

Lesson 4

Create and present your campaign

By completing this lesson, pupils will have a better understanding of the elements that go into campaigns. By creating a full campaign idea without getting into the visual side of it, they will learn that creativity is as much about thinking as it is about crafting.

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  • Presentation Document

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