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Social Media is a wonderful place. It’s full of memes, cats, small businesses, activism, support and good friends. But it’s also a bit of a minefield. Whether it’s protecting our mental health, fake news overload, dodgy data collecting, trolls or trolls who photoshop, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This lesson will ask students to reimagine a better social media for everyone.

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Lesson 1

Plan of action

In teams or individually, students will decide on what specific problem on Social Media they will try and solve. They will consider all the things they could fix, the audiences they are speaking to and where they might find them.

Lesson 2

Big bold ideas

Here learners will try to solve their Social Media gripe. Students will think of all the ways they could fix their chosen problem and add them to your scribble sheet in teams or individually.

Lesson 3

Curb the curveballs

Learners will evaluate their ideas against the brief and summarise them in 280 characters or less. Once the idea has been formed, they will present it to their peers, fend off antagonists from a rival team, and show how their idea can adapt and overcome the said problem.

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  • Presentation
  • Support materials and worksheets

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