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Welcome to Marseum. The year is 2050 and a human community is now thriving on Mars. You are tasked with designing an exhibition about life on Earth for the first museum on the Red Planet.

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Lesson 1

Part 1 - Discover

Introduction to the Marseum challenge. In this episode, learners are set to embark on an engaging journey of discovery and teamwork. They will immerse themselves in the captivating universe of museums, delve into forecasting future trends, assemble a diverse and skilled team, and conduct thorough audience analysis.

Lesson 2

Part 2 - Explore

Learners will delve into the art of storytelling, focusing on how stories from the past and present can be shared effectively in the future. This part will guide learners through understanding the impact of storytelling in museums, aiding them in uncovering a captivating story for their exhibition, and select relevant objects to feature in Marseum.

Lesson 3

Part 3 - Ideate

Learners will work collaboratively with their teams to develop innovative concepts for their exhibition, facing challenges along the way. This part will push them to generate original ideas and find creative solutions.

Lesson 4

Part 4 - Design

Learners will bring their ideas to life by transforming them into tangible designs. They will immerse themselves in visualising their exhibition, carefully shaping its identity and giving it a name that resonates with the Red Planet theme.

Lesson 5

Part 5 - Present

Learners will showcase their exhibition concepts, offering a detailed presentation of their creative ideas and the thought process behind their conceptualisation. This will be followed by evaluation and discussion of the developed concepts.

Lesson 6

Part 6 - Go beyond

Learners having journeyed to the future and successfully designed an exhibition will have the opportunity to engage in optional activities or develop their unique ideas. They can choose to redesign a dull exhibit to captivate their target audience, organise a Marseum awards ceremony, or bring their creativity to life by setting up a live exhibition.

Included materials
  • Marseum Challenge
  • Marseum Additional Resources
  • Marseum Feedback Prompts
  • Marseum Feedback Template
  • Marseum Logbook Page
  • Marseum Worksheet - Cabinet
  • Marseum Worksheet - SkillUp

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