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Rethink failure

Have you ever put off starting something because you were worried you wouldn’t succeed at it?

Or been so afraid to fail, you didn’t start at all? Fear of failure can stop us from trying new things and taking creative risks. But what if we rethink failure as a learning tool for building resilience and developing problem-solving skills? Let’s find out.

Developed in collaboration with Gen+.

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Lesson 1

Rethink failure

During this challenge, pupils will learn to overcome the fear of failure, enabling them to embrace new experiences and take bold creative risks. They will uncover the transformative strength of resilience, building essential skills to confront setbacks with courage.

Lesson 2

Open your mind

During this challenge, pupils will learn to harness the power of failure as a stepping stone towards solving future problems. Through this journey, pupils will discover how embracing failure can lead to innovative solutions, transforming obstacles into opportunities.

Included materials
  • Part 1 - Rethink failure
  • Part 2 - Open your mind

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