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The deep sea is a strange and curious world of tentacles, fins, claws and tails. Of creatures not yet discovered and myths of those that never existed. SeaStory is a new streaming platform sharing stories that inspire people to protect the ocean's future. In this challenge, learners will pitch a short film idea for SeaStory and create an exciting storyboard that reels the audience in.

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Lesson 1

SeaStory Experience

1. Research the creatures that live in the ocean.

2. Understand how human activity impacts the marine environment.

3. Discover myths of the underwater world.

4. Dream up a story for a film that inspires people to care about the ocean.

5. Hear from filmmakers about how they bring stories to life.

6. Create a captivating trailer for your film.

7. Pitch your film idea.

The resource was designed in partnership with Lantra, Salmon Scotland and Studio Birthplace.

Included materials
  • SeaStory Resource
  • Worksheet: Once Upon a Time
  • Worksheet: Pick & Mix Prompts
  • Go Deeper: Environmental action
  • Go Deeper: Make a film
  • Go Deeper: Model building
  • Go Deeper: Record a sea shanty
  • Go Deeper: The Kraken
  • Teachers' Padlet

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