See daydreaming in practice

Welcome to our vibrant display of video case studies, featuring an array of our events, educator seminars, student workshops, and heartfelt testimonials from our partner schools. Dive into our visual narratives to witness the profound effect our initiatives have on both learners and educators, offering a window into the essence of our work and its transformative impact.

Experiencing the Creative Thinking Qualification

Hear first-hand from the pupils and teachers from Stirling High School and Drummond Community High School who took on our challenges as part of their enrolment in our Creative Thinking Qualification.

Curioscape - CPD event in Forres

In September 2023 Glasgow School of Art (GSA) and Daydream Believers invited teachers and education partners to a two-day residential professional development experience at their Highland campus.

Together we explored the learning context and how we can provide innovative and adaptive challenges for our learners. Using the Daydream Believer’s Solarpunk Island and Forestopia challenges we created an experiential learning environment developing pedagogical models which we believe will motivate and value every learner. Immerse yourself in the joy of learning!

Solarpunk Island at West Calder High School

Discover how West Calder High School's leadership has wholeheartedly adopted project-based learning and the Solarpunk Island challenge. This exploration is enriched by genuine reflections from students on their inspiring interdisciplinary journey, all under the support of Education Scotland.

Daydream Believers - Forestopia Showcase

Students ranging from primary and secondary schools to universities engaged in our Forestopia challenge over several months. Their creative solutions to the challenge were showcased at a unique event held at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh.

Solarpunk Island at Portobello High School

Daydream Believers in partnership with Glasgow School of Art are excited to share this case study video featuring Portobello High School’s two-day Solarpunk Island immersive experience. Watch as pupils engage in a series of challenges, bringing creativity and innovation to life across the curriculum.

Solarpunk Island in Dedridge Primary School

We developed the Solarpunk Island challenge to teach learners about the circular economy, ecology, and 15-minute neighbourhoods. In January 2024, pupils from Dedridge Primary and West Calder High School came together to share their experiences and insights about working on our Solarpunk Island challenge.

D&AD New Gen Awards 2023

The New Gen Awards is a partnership between D&AD and Daydream Believers. It is designed to inspire and empower young people to realise their creative potential. The award is supported by WPP and their client Adidas. The brief - A New Way to Play - challenged our young people to create a physical experience, a game or a sport that will help get more 11 to 18-year-olds to want to move, play and thrive, using the power of the Adidas brand.

Following the announcement of our winners, we invited design agencies StudioLR, Leith Agency, MadeBrave, Emperor and Bond&Coyne to develop the winning ideas into campaigns. This is a glimpse of what happened when our winners saw their brave ideas take flight!

Creative Thinking Qualification Event 2022

On May 23, 2022, we introduced our newest playlist of challenges for the Creative Thinking Qualification. We were joined by educators and professionals across Scotland who shared their feedback and passion for improving the future of education.

#GetOnWithIt at COP26 Glasgow 2021

During the COP26, Daydream Believers collaborated with Napier University, After The Pandemic, Whitespace (now Dentsu Creative Edinburgh), PechaKucha, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, LEGO Group and other partners to create a call to action from our young people to the policymakers and world leaders visiting Glasgow - #GetOnWithIt.

A call out for action and not just words filled with promises.

Alongside an online brief to share young people’s ideas and stories for how to #GetOnWithIt, we also ran a two-week-long event space in Strath Union during the COP26 for the local community to engage with climate action causes, giving a platform for young people to share their ideas and inspire all generations to take action.

The #GetOnWithIt story still continues and the challenge is available on our resources page.