Now you can teach and receive a qualification in creative thinking

Now you can get credit for completing Daydream Believers projects! We currently support Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework at levels 5 and 6 (24 points) and working towards making this a global qualification. If you would like to help bring Creative Thinking qualification to your country, please get in touch.

Creative Playlists

Our playlists allow you to build an academic year that excites your class. World-leading brands are working with us to bring their wicked challenges to our learners and engage them in creating solutions that drive future innovations.

5-point framework

Based on a simple creative process, our qualification has 5 broad learning outcomes which are clearly mapped to our resources and assessment. This emphasises the process rather than the product, highlighting the importance of the learners’ journey and encouraging them to reflect on the strategies they have used to think creatively. 


Learn to find information to explore a problem. Demonstrate use of two or more research methods and be able to draw conclusions from the outcomes.


Propose imaginative and creative concepts, which demonstrate understanding of the research outcomes.

Fail & Fix

Test and improve initial ideas. Compare, contrast and develop solutions to deal with a problem, situation, or issue.


Independently select and use appropriate media to clearly and creatively communicate ideas and potential solutions.


Demonstrate creative bravery in the evaluation of independent work and show awareness of roles and potential for improvement in own practices and performance.

How it works

Our qualification is currently available to all schools and colleges in Scotland. You can register your level 5 or 6 class for our one year (24 credit) programme by contacting our team directly. Once registered, the Daydream Believers team will provide you with all the tools and resources to guide your students to successfully complete a qualification in creative thinking. This is recognised with INSIGHT points and University admissions.  

5-Point Framework

Based on a simple creative process, our qualification has 5 broad learning outcomes which are clearly mapped to our resources and assessment.  This puts the emphasis on process rather than outcome and focuses on skills that can be applied across the curriculum

Curated Playlists

Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation, Studio LR, Acrylicize and Edinburgh Napier University have developed a Playlist of resources to support the qualification. Learners are encouraged to think differently, break the rules, fail, collaborate and come up with different and innovative solutions and ideas. This is creative thinking across the curriculum, and we are excited about all the possibilities!

Assessment Tools

We have developed innovations in assessment to support our challenge-based learning approach.  Putting the emphasis on formative feedback allows learners to develop their creative process and learning power.  Simple, transparent tools which are proven to cut marking time in half and are applicable across the curriculum, e.g., with STEAM subjects.  

Designed for the teachers

Our qualifications are built to fit your academic year. The challenges are flexible in length and depth, allowing you to tailor projects to fit your students and institution, maximising the potential for creative learning. 

Assessment Tools

Assessment is never easy and all too often prevents creativity rather than promoting it. We have developed two simple tools which encourage participants to focus on process over outcome.  This transparent approach reduces learner anxiety and encourages creative bravery and resilience. Our system is very simple. Learners undertake one of our challenges, which is clearly mapped to our five learning outcomes.

Each project is then centre assessed against those same five criteria. The STAMP iT tool encourages formative assessment throughout each project to give participants clear feedback on what’s going well and what might need more focus. At the end of each challenge, the STELLAR assessment app makes marking quick, easy, accountable and constructively aligned to the undertaken learning.

Manual Worksheet

Our formative and summative assessment devices, STAMP iT and Stellar, are paid-for tools due to their production and maintenance costs. The good part is that there is no requirement for you to buy them if you do not wish to do so. We have created a pro forma for the summative assessment of the Creative Bravery playlist, which you can download for free and complete manually.

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We have found that learning can be enhanced with learners becoming braver and more creative if the emphasis is put on formative assessment. For this reason, we recommend using STAMP iT, an actual rubber stamp created by our partners in Higher Education, which is used directly on student work as an anchor for formative feedback. It provides a framework for direct discussions about the student progress in relation to the creative process. The STAMP iT name and system are © Ruth Cochrane & Richard Firth.


Stellar App

Summative assessment should be simple, transparent and quick. We developed the Stellar assessment app to automate summative feedback and ensure that marking is fair and constructively aligned to learning outcomes. Best of all, it can reduce the marking time by half!

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Creative Thinking Qualification FAQ

Receiving the Qualification

On successfully completing a Qualification in Creative Thinking, learners will receive a certificate from Edinburgh College and INSIGHT points on their own transcript. Our qualification is entirely centre assessed because you know your learners best. Summative assessment is collaboratively moderated by Edinburgh College, with the qualification credit rated by Edinburgh Napier University. 

If you want to register your students or find out more about the qualification, please get in touch with us, and we'll help you with everything.