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In this lesson we will look at why branding is important and what you need to consider when creating a brand. We will look at what makes up a brand, why they do what they do and how all this adds up to make one product, company or service that stands out from the others.

In the second part of the lesson the students will be asked to create and brand their own superhero.

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Lesson 1

Introduction to branding

Learners will be presented with the various elements that make up a brand's branding and play a quiz to try and guess famous logos. Later, in teams, they will create their own logo.

Lesson 2

Design a superhero

After learning about the different elements that make up one's branding, the students will be asked to develop their own superhero and give them customised branding based on their new-gained knowledge.

Included materials
  • Presentation
  • Lesson 1 Lesson Plan
  • Lesson 1 Overview
  • Lesson 2 Lesson Plan
  • Lesson 2 Overview

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