Living in a Digital World

Experience an interactive journey into the world of cybersecurity. This resource shines a light on some of the most important topics for how to stay safe inside the digital world and gives practical suggestions that help improve cyber resilience. Designed and developed in collaboration with Education Scotland.

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Lesson 1

Part 1 - Being Exposed

Introduction to cybersecurity and the value of data. In this lesson, learners will get to know the main security risks in the digital world and how other individuals or service providers can exploit a person's data for their own gains. They will also learn about the current developments in AI and algorithmic systems that can help spread misinformation and confuse the population.

Lesson 2

Part 2 - Being in Control

In this lesson, learners will get to know various ways they can protect themselves and learn to recognise potential risks in the digital world. Accompanied by interactive exercises and real-world case studies, this lesson will provide in-depth knowledge on creating strong passwords, understanding how algorithms work, how to protect personal data and avoiding getting stuck in informational filter bubbles.

Lesson 3

Part 3 - Be the Change

The current digital world has many flaws, but in the future, we can do better. In this lesson, learners will be engaged in an imaginative problem-solving challenge to design a digital device for the future that prioritises cyber security and provides a safe digital environment to consume, create and communicate.

Included materials
  • Part 1 - Being Exposed
  • Part 2 - Being in Control
  • Part 3 - Be the Change
  • Digital Device Templates

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