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Today's young people will be living on Earth for longer than anyone else, but as the generation that will feel the impact of climate change the most, your voices and opinions are rarely heard or listened to. We want to give you a platform to show policymakers during Climate Change Conference (COP26) that your voices matter and must be listened to.

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Lesson 1

Let's get on with it!

We challenge you to share your ideas for ways to get the attention of world leaders, policymakers, older generations and even your own parents to finally GET ON WITH IT and start saving our planet! Think BIG because we want to show your ideas to policymakers at COP26 in November! During this challenge, you will be asked to write your own brief, come up with unique, eye-catching and thought-provoking ideas, create visuals based on your concepts and package it all up so world leaders at COP26 and the general public can finally #GetOnWithIt and start saving our planet.

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  • #GetOnWithIt Action Pack

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