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Tell a Story

A graphic designer’s job is to creatively communicate to others, to inform and ‘sell’ a product or service. They often use words and images but in this 4-week lesson, we will also look at some other ways of communicating. Ultimately, we will encourage interpretation and storytelling through words, creative mark-making, without words and creatively using all of the senses.

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Lesson 1

Tell a story with words

Students will use their critical and analytical skills to deconstruct an image. They will learn how to use 3 strategies - stating the obvious, elaborating and reading between the lines.

Lesson 2

Tell a story with mark-making

Students will respond to descriptive vocabulary using exploratory mark-making techniques in a range of media.

Lesson 3

Tell a story without words

Students will discuss the event of 2 bees falling in love using their 3 strategies. They will create a response to this event without words or literal visual imagery.

Lesson 4

Tell a story with creativity using all the senses

Students will create an artefact in response to the theme of competitive sport. They will employ creative problem-solving strategies learnt throughout the lessons.

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