Solarpunk Island

You are one of the passengers on a ship that has crashed onto an uninhabited island and have been given a section of the island to turn into your habitat. You have to start from scratch and build it in a way that respects nature and keeps all your necessities within a 15-minute walking distance.

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Lesson 1

Living on Solarpunk Island

The Solarpunk island (as named by the captain of the ship who’s a big fan of the Solarpunk movement) is a large uninhabited space, so it’s very easy for people to get lost. To avoid unfortunate events from happening, the community agreed to build their individual habitats following the 15-minute neighbourhood rules, making sure that no person is more than 15 minutes away from all essential human needs shared within the community.
Each person has been given a section of the island stretching from the centre, where the home base is, all the way to the coast. These are your individual “neighbourhoods” and future habitats for each person.

During this challenge, the learners will:
1. Take part in a fictional survival story
2. Explore the “15-minute neighbourhood” concept
3. Discover what the Solarpunk movement stands for
4. Find ways to meet you and your partner’s needs.
5. Design your habitat in a Solarpunk style
6. Brand your neighbourhood as its own nation within the island
7. Explore a day in the life of your character

This resource was originally created for Creative Thinking Qualification.

Included materials
  • Solarpunk Island Presentation
  • Island Neighbourhoods Template
  • Passengers List
  • Person Profile Template
  • Person Profile Examples
  • Buddy Profile Template

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