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The Idea Process

The creative minds from the LEGO Agency are sharing a step-by-step guide on analysing a brief, conducting research and producing creative ideas!

During these lessons, learners will gain an understanding of how to deconstruct a creative brief, learn about creating a compelling call to action and develop their knowledge of different target audiences.

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Lesson 1

The Idea Process

There are no fixed instructions on how to get an idea, but this pack is an example of some of the tools we use at the LEGO® Agency to help us create fun, playful and effective work. Creativity is not just about being able to draw…it's being able to think of an idea and then share it in a way others understand.

During these lessons, learning will learn how to deconstruct a creative brief, get to know the target audience, find ways to come up with unique ideas, build moldboards with inspirations, create stories around their ideas and create compelling presentations that tell their story.

Included materials
  • Part 1 - Brief & Audience
  • Part 2 - Doing Research
  • Part 3 - Start visualising
  • Part 4 - Make choices & share your work
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